PharMeDoc Ab Roller Wheel – Ab Workout Equipment for Core Exercise, Athletes, and Home Gym

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    • GET RIPPED! The PharMeDoc Abdominal Wheel Ab Roller wheel helps you get a complete ab workout to help you build stronger and more chiseled six pack abs, obliques, hip flexors, legs, shoulders, chest, and triceps, making this a must-have piece of home exercise equipment for abdominal muscles.
    • STURDY & DURABLE ab wheel won't break under strenuous pressure and slides across any surface without wobbling or slipping to ensure you get an uninterrupted workout session. Abs roller handles have grooves for your fingers for an assisted grip that won't slip during even the most intense workout sessions.
    • BURN BELLY FAT FAST with our abdominal roller wheel! The intense upper body workout this ab roller provides burns calories while building muscle to ensure you get that beach body faster than you ever thought possible!
    • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT exercise roller wheel is simple to pack-and-go making this the ideal piece of ab workout equipment for your home, gym, or while traveling.
    • We stand by our products and offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE as well as a 10 year manufacturer's warranty!

    Reinforced Metal Ax Handle
    • Ergonomically designed for both long term and short term exercise without uncomfortable strain on hands and fingers allowing for a longer workout and more immediate results
    • Engineered with optimum safety in mind to withstand weight and pressure from exercising without bending or snapping guaranteed
    • Grooved Design provides comfortable support for a variety of exercises including but not limited to:
    ◦ Rollouts ◦ Planks ◦ Standing Rollouts ◦ Stretches ◦ Pelvic Control ◦ Decline Rollouts ◦ Leg Roll-Ins (Piques)

    Gripped Rubber Roller Wheels
    • Ensure the perfect amount of resistance to get the most out of each muscle and every repetition
    • Durable rubber material prevents unwanted slipping, skidding, or shifting for ultimate confidence and safety while exercising
    • Flawless adherence to the targeted range of motion guarantees the exact workout desired for quicker observable results

    Revolutionary Design
    • Lightweight build allows storage and use with ease and convenience
    • Works to align the spine and balance the core while strengthening muscle tension and density
    • Sturdy build enhances core stability for extra toning and definition
    • Bolsters coordination from multiple muscle systems simultaneously for a more thorough workout

    Healthy and Comfortable exercising
    • Lose fat rapidly and with ease without unnecessary or unhealthy strain or tension to prevent injuries and sprains
    • Gain eye-catching muscle definition at an accelerated rate
    • Promotes a faster metabolism and lower back / hip flexor strength with increased and regular use
    • Far more superior and efficient than crunches and other typical core workout equipment for abs

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